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Tourism Master Plan Of Karşıyaka / 2009 - 2014 / Izmir - Turkey

Executive Summary

Karşıyaka Tourism Projects in between the strategic goals of Strategic Plan have been selected for further research area of the region. The results and findings of the research have been evaluated as a basic input of 2009-2014 Tourism Master Plan preparation process. All of these studies have been conducted by researchers of the municipality and the academic staff of the Izmir University of Economics as a professional independent project.

In the preliminary stages of the project, all of the written documents in this field have been examined and after a comprehensive literature review, a situation analysis has been completed by the project team. In the next stage, several focus group studies have been realized with the beneficiaries and municipality representatives. The opportunities and threats of the tourism sector and strengths and weaknesses of the municipality and the region have been determined. The results of the SWOT analysis have been discussed and evaluated with the mayor and the top management of the municipality for further development.

 In the next stage of the project, a field study has been conducted to determine attitudes and behaviors of the inhabitants of Karşıyaka towards tourism projects in the region. The results of the situation analysis and SWOT analysis have been used during the preparation of tourism questionnaire and statistical criterions have been considered to have statistical significance. The results of about 1400 questionnaires have been collected and evaluated by SPSS software to determine the public opinion about the tourism project alternatives and also they have been informed about the future studies of the municipality. This survey would be one of the most important factors to motivate the dynamics of the region for the realization of tourism plan.

According to the results of an extensive field research and analysis of the participants, the following were chosen as the strategic objectives for 2009-2014 periods and were emphasized as the fundamental suggestions for the tourism plan:

Furthermore, by taking into consideration the fact that the economic interest will be shared among the neighboring municipalities and from the technical point of view, by thinking that it would be impossible to divide and separate this type of projects from one another, the projects for the regions lying outside the boundaries have been suggested as the projects which can be realized collectively. Marina in Mavisehir, sailing activities in Karşıyaka and package tours to Karşıyaka are a great extent under the initiative of Karşıyaka Municipality and they are the projects which can get support from the related public institutions and associations. Besides the projects which will be given primary priority, the following tourism projects and activities aiming at improving the vision for the future have been suggested:

After the Tourism Plan study, action plans and details of the selected projects must be prepared for the attention of potential investors, preliminary feasibility studies must be prepared to attract business man. It is strongly recommended to organize study groups related with the selected projects in the municipality organization. IUE always will be ready for further cooperation with her available academic staff. 

Best Regards

IUE Project Team

May 24, 2009 - Izmir