URDE - ( Center for Urban and Regional Development and Environment )

VALEU / 2010 - 2012 / Izmir - Turkey

The project "VALEU: Validation of immigrants' vocational skills and competencies in tourism and services as an integration warrant in the EU" aims to create a pilot methodology for recognition and validation of vocational skills gained through work experience and competencies acquired through informal and non-formal learning related to it as a tool fostering integration of immigrants and mobile workers in the new EU Member States.

The project goal is achieved via transferring the functioning model of the countries with developed validation systems and practice such as Denmark and Portugal to the new member states Bulgaria and Romania and the applicant county of Turkey, where due to the conservative state-dominated education systems, the access to individual learning paths and recognition of prior competence is underdeveloped.

The project aim is achieved via following set of objectives:

1.to study the needs and promote the opportunities for validation of work experience acquired in the home country so as to allow full-right integration of immigrants in the EU labour market;

2.to create a model procedure for validation and recognition of work experience and competencies as vocational qualification in tourism and services;

3.to develop a model training program for validation of foreign work experience and competencies as vocational qualification for immigrants in tourism and services;

4.to prove the practical implication of validation of prior work experience and competencies in tourism and services;

5.to publish and publicize the main research and innovation outcomes of the project of the stakeholders in the partner countries;

6.to promote and disseminate the project results.